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Enjannière Automation Technology is a System Automation Integrator, committed to providing Advanced Manufacturing System solutions using the latest technology and services. We specialize in the integration of technologically advanced Automation, Vision, AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems, and Robotics in Western Canada. Our innovative automation solutions are designed to help you stay competitive in the era of Industry 4.0. By integrating internet-connected devices, real-time data, and automated components and processes, we help you achieve cost reduction, reduced downtime, increased quality, and improved throughput. Enjannière Automation Technology’s unique name and logo design are distinctive and meaningful. The word “enjannière” is pronounced “ingènieur” in French, which translates to “engineer” in English. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians use their expertise to create advanced automation systems that increase efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, and maintain quality in the industrial manufacturing industry. Build your relationship with Enjannière today and let us help you achieve your automation goals.

System Design

Our experienced engineers systematically design customized automation systems that meet your specific requirements. We carefully analyze your needs and develop efficient and effective solutions tailored to your industry and processes.


We handle the installation of automation systems, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Our technicians are trained to perform installations efficiently and accurately, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your operations.


Our team can assist with retrofitting automation technology if you have existing systems that need to be upgraded or optimized. We assess your current setup and identify areas for improvement, implementing upgrades to enhance performance, efficiency, and compatibility.


Before deployment, we conduct thorough pre-commissioning activities to ensure your automation systems are fully functional and ready for operation. This involves testing and validating the systems’ performance, reliability, and safety to guarantee smooth functionality.

Technical Support

We provide comprehensive technical support services to address any issues or challenges you may encounter. Our team can assist you on-site and virtually, offering troubleshooting, maintenance, and timely resolutions to keep your systems running smoothly.


Our skilled programmers develop customized software solutions to control and optimize your automation systems. We create efficient and intuitive interfaces, enabling seamless operation and easy monitoring of your processes.

What Our Clients Say


Thanks to their custom-designed, fabricated, and integrated automation systems, we have witnessed an incredible 95% increase in efficiency and a staggering 97% reduction in dust-related issues.

Moreover, Enjannière’s implementation of a PLC-based control system for our intercepting conveyor line watering system has been flawless. We have operated smoothly without a single hiccup since their installation and integration work two years ago

Dan Orser
Plant Operations Director
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